Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Game

I have taken you from lust to love and back to lust again in one night.
You spilled your attraction and drowned me with admiration. You showed your true heart right away, even though you told me you were too strong to let anyone get close.
I never asked you any questions and you still laid down face up like an open book.
I didn't even have to lick my fingers to turn your pages.
You are stupid and rash.
I hate you.
But I did enjoy our game, as short as it was.
I didn't mean anything I said, my words were only game pieces that needed to be moved.
And you bought every line.
Of course I am a mistake! Of course I will be a regret! You mean nothing to me and I'm your new and only infatuation.
I played for curiosity's sake, and now I am done.
The game is finished and in a few days you will realize it and hopefully hate me in return.
But you'll eventually move on and forget, as predictable as you are.
Thanks for playing.


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